New MagFed Paintball Projectiles

New MagFed Paintball Projectiles

Tiberius description: Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology, the fin stabilized First Strike paintball projectiles maintain their velocity longer. The result is 50% greater range and unrivaled accuracy. All current Tiberius Arms markers come equipped to fire First Strike paintballs and traditional paintballs.
MacyWorks description: This round is the center of the 10 Cent Revolution, a campaign designed to bring you the accuracy you need on the battlefield at an affordable price. Combined with a RAP4 Shaped Projectile™ barrel, these rounds deliver unprecedented accuracy and air efficiency to targets down range.
HonorCore description: NEW HONORCORE – Project 5068 New innovations, new materials, new dynamics, completely new designs and construction to produce the most effective paintball sniper round in PERFORMANCE, PRECISION, and PRICE, with PASSION!

Fast forward from Tiberius’s long time standing as the only producer of bullet shaped projectiles for MagFed to today where they now have competing products; the MACY WORKS Shaped Projectile® and the 5068 rounds (Just announced). Needless to say, these rounds should make for some very interesting MagFed games in the future.

Ultimately, all of this emerging competition should drive the price down for the unique MagFed style of paintball and hopefully grow MagFed and spawn even more events.

What round will make it’s way to being the best for snipers and general play?
Who knows…, but games played with all three will get interesting.